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Sunday, December 30, 2012

FUSE - Just Can't Get Enough

American TV channel FUSE just can't seem to get enough KPOP. They are back up and writing again about how 2012 was the year for KPOP's crossover to the United States.

We recently took notice of their love as they jumped on the bandwagon of wanting to meet TOP under the mistletoe, but they are back with more acknowledgments for the beloved genre. Thanks, of course, to Psy - and the highly addictive horse dance - we get to see more written love to KPOP. However, if you follow the hot link within the article itself, you will ALSO find a goodie from March 1st of 2012 on Music Nerd with a bit of foreshadowing. The KPOP section of the video begins at 1:35. Listen as our host deems KPOP "... the most dominate musical/cultural force on the Asian side of the pacific rim and its growing in popularity here in the USA." Not going to deny that I agree completely.
Check out the article here: 2012: The Year K-POP Crossed Over

SourceKmusic (Korean Music) official Facebook and Kmusic Official Website

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