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Monday, January 21, 2013

Artists James Se Hwang Kim And PD Kim Present Free Adult Contemporary K-Pop Concert


Ballad Composer and Adult Contemporary K-Pop Artist Perform Free Concert

K-Note Music Academy of South Korea presents ballad composer PD Kim and Korean pop musician James Se Hwang Kim at a free concert at the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music.

PD Kim (Kim Hyung-Seok) is a famous Korean composer and producer. He is the acting President and CEO of K-Note Music. In addition, PD Kim is a television producer and is also responsible for the production of musical.  He is the recipient of the Composition Prize from KBS for Song Grand Prix.

James Se Hwang Kim is the Head of the Instrument Division at K-Note in South Korea. He is the first Korean musician to win a musical endorsement and continues to receive numerous endorsements, today. He is one of the most famous guitarists in Korea and has been performing for over 20 years.  

 K-Note Music Academy is the exclusive partner of the Musicians Institute in South Korea.  K-Note Music Academy provides recruitment for Musicians Institute students,as well as support and recruitment for Musicians Institute prep school students in Korea.

Free K-Pop Concert with Artists PD Kim and James Se Hwang Kim
Tuesday, Janurary 29, 2013
Tickets:Free Musicians Institute  
College of Contemporary Music 1655 McCadden Pl. Hollywood,CA 90028

Source:Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music website

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